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Hey, baby girl, what's your name? Who you with? Do you wanna get down with this pimpin lil chick? Pop that thang, girl; pop that, pop that, pop that thang, girl. (2x)


Pop that thang, gone shake it for daddy.

You looking good when you up in the Caddy—we comin' down. (Uh)

Then we up in the club, high as hell, we ain't givin' a fuck—Mistress. screamin' now.

(Oh) Name the pot for me;

Later on you can gone ride on top of me.

Now, we can blow another sack, forget about the ‘Lac.

Keep the block and bread—daddy a stack.

It's like that!



I ain't lying, I get weak for the freak.

She's so sweet the way she pop, pop, pop, the butt-cheek.

She got gold in her mouth;

Always hollerin' about the South.

If the boys came through, now, she's putting up the house. (Oh, yeah!)

It's true, boo, what I'm doing to you,

They way you come through the crib when the night is through.

And go down, say this' what they loving us

Now, they really wanna be you, but they don't know how



She looks so good when she came to me.

Said, “Boy, you better pay. I don't pop for free!”

Put it like this, you can suck my peter,

Or, even go home cause I really don't need her!

I like girls that'll pop it all night for me.

And, if another bitch trip, she'll fight for me.

And, she'll ride on top like a rodeo,

She be poppin' in the club ‘til it's time to go.


(Uh) Then, it's straight to the ‘Lac,

Screaming, “Bitch better gimme my scratch—believe that!”

If the boy started trippin—it's click-clack!

Pimp, grabbing my hand like they the Mack.

(From the mighty, mighty, Mississipp, don't trip! Just call me, and apply for a pimp.)

It's all love

Coming back for you boy back of the club

When it's over, then maybe you get a hug!


Pop that thang girl Pop that thang for me (3x)

Yeah Yeah Pop that thang

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