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David Banner - No Denying

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Hoping to keep you on a string, on a string my baby

… one of you fool, damn

Mississippi rock the gun, cats stay for flake

The murder rape escalates, the more that I make

The more that they wanna take

My life is the slave mentality

I got news breaker it's just a small technique quality

They … what they blame it on

What you banging ban out … thirty homes

I'm a grown man, and my past is a blur

And can't hurt playing axe if I was talking about her

The bad thing is she really wasn't sure

If she was a whore or a queen and I'm really not sure

If I'm a nigger or a king, you staying stand up

If you know what that means

It mean stand up if you know what I mean

Oh man, I talk to holy ghost

Now it's more like my soul's on comatose

And I wonder … lead them through the light

I lead them through .. and boards turn to gun like turning half pikes

Now every rapper's … the more the money that I feel

And no one else try to stop me cause they were going for themselves

The richer that you get the more you turn away from God

And report that you wanted more, you steal cause it's hard

We hope for depresses like Smeagul live in …

We love Jay's life but we don't need baby seals story

I'd rather be … annoying when I'm shooting the last …

No triangles over my head but folks live rock to rock, block to block

I want them to do better so I try to find something else to rap about

Lord, it's hard, cause that's all that they see

I know they hate themselves and I know they hate me

Lord it's so hard trying to set my … free

But the show is about to start, stay tuned channel 3, Mississippi, damn

...tired, to have, to have, no denying, <br />

<br />

Thanks to Andrei

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