David Banner

David Banner - Might Getcha (Featuring Lil' Jon)

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Lil Jon

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

its yo mutha fuckin nigga Lil Jon (ok)

aka Quabo Jones (that's right)

checkin out with that boy David Banner (yeah)

and check this out right (whats up)

all yall fuck niggas (fuck niggas)

need to get the fuck out the club (get out bitch)

all yall hate niggas (what)

get the fuck out the club (get out)

cuz u talkin that shit (yeah)

some shit might happen that's what i'm saying

Chorus x2

Might Getcha Jaw Broke

Might Getcha wig split

Might Getch car shot up

Might Getcha Door kicked

Might Getcha kidnapped

Might Getcha neck snapped

Might Getcha your feelings hurt thinking this is just a rap

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