David Banner

David Banner - Like A Pimp (Remix)

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feat. Busta Rhymes, Twista


By the time I done got up in the do' all I wanna see is phatty drop to the flo'

Come and bump it for the balla' name Twist', while I sit in V.I.P. poppin' Cris' and Mo'

Come and kick it with the playa' that get the ass and the cash by the incredible bulk

Sippin' Hiptnoiq and Hennessy, yeah we call it Incredible Hulk

Cause I gotta' get that bud, when I'm in the club

Jackin' booties 'til the mornin'

Thinkin' bout it bonnin, realizing, realizing, that I am zonin'

Cause the guls here look so good somebody need to put them in a magazine, and a

My homies got it from the front to the back with they straps and they magazines

And a baby show me how you do that roll

Make it jump and jiggle cause yo' booty swoll

Come over here show me how you pop it and drop it

You know I love when you work that good dick hoe

Get it crunk it's a kinky thing

Baby gul' let me see you fold up your legs like a chicken wing

Figure how you do those kinky things

Slex it if it's a Chi-town head this Mississippi thang

Cars, got to do it, clothes, got to do it

Ice, got to do it, gul' put yo' booty and yo' back into it

Put a David Banner crack into it, and I bet your system gon' beat

And this is how the Twista spit it to the remix for these freaks

[Chorus: repeat 4X]make them girls get down on the flo' on the flo' {*2X*}

Like a pimp

[David Banner]

All my ladies say Owww..

My female pimps the way that you hit the flo' and makes a sista' pay cash

Bring it back to daddy can you work that ass out, you know me

It's the M-I crooked letter, crooked letter, I, crooked letter crooked letter, I

Hump yo' back, hump yo' back, I

All my gang bangin' dope slangers throw it up, high

Sets up, you could come to the south talkin' smack and get so wet up

Screamin' "Where's my girl?"

Don't worry buddy she here with us, shakin' and poppin'

Droppin' real slow but she ain't stoppin' nothin' man

She came to get down for the clique

We got cash so we screamin out "shake somethin BITCH!"

This is yo' song, let me see your dirty thong

David Banner, Mississippi tell them boys that it's on (Tell them boys that it's on)


[Busta Rhymes]

(Like a pimp)

Y'all know who it is, better believe it's Busta Rhymes

So start runnin' around my nigga

I'm bustin' bustin' heads

Instead fill them with lead you better chill when my runners around, my nigga

I got a lot of bitches playin' with eachother in a hotel room while they rollin' around my nigga

Cause everytime we in a place every nigga know Flip Mode gotta' be holdin' it down my nigga

Sick, with a little dro', sick, with a little dough

Sick, with a little flow make you love it a lot

Quick cause I gotta' do it

and I gotta' rep for the rich and the little po nigga tuggin' the block

Chicks in the mink sit in the back seat when I'm on a strip and I roll in the drop

Sip a little bit of 'gac dip a little when I whip the Cadillac truck throwin' it up

And we gotta' put it down and keep it pimpin' 'til they cannot deny

Just grab yo' bottles and keep sippin', throw your hands in the sky

All of my, people (people), keep it (keep it), goin' (wassup)

You little sucka' nigga tryna keep it a secret but we blowin' you up

Better get a better grip if you ain't know that we only messin' with the hoes

Better know wassup, better pour a little 'gac in my glass

While I'm watchin all the bitches like a pimp while I'm holdin' my cup

Now watch me pour just a little bit of 'gac out for my homies

Throw it back OUT, with a little shorty, blow her back OUT, like a PIMP, playa


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