David Banner

David Banner - Gangsta Walk( Feat. Three 6 Mafia, Marcus, 8Ball,

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Chorus David Banner X2

Go gangsta walk y'all do it motherfucker

Go gangsta walk y'all do it motherfucker

Broke jaw motherfucker Broke jaw ya bitch

Broke jaw motherfucker Broke jaw ya bitch

Verse 1 DJ Paul

We represent memphis sim beat

I don't think y'all really wanna get wit me

We started gangsta walkin nigga no MC hammer

We really dealy get you hyper then hype

No cut and no armor

Slam a hater to the flo

Stop all up on that hoe

Me on that deadly liquor

Me on dat floor

So don't push me motherfucker

Push me motherfucker push

I'm affilated wit more terriost then g's

Verse 2 Juicy J

We got them niggaz gettin wild gettin buck

Have a fist

Hand on a bottle and a blunt to they lip

Gangsta Walkin in da club err'body gon piss

And hoes on the corner

Workin graveyard shit

Yeah they call me the juice

form that north north set

Where they rob for the folks

And they divey up the nets

Ain't no talk fuck the talkin

Shoot em in they chest

If a coward wanna jump it goin be a bloody mess


Chorus x2

Verse 3 Marcus

Now we can get it buck in da club

With niggaz I suggest you tuck yo chain

Fuck security find out that they can't do a thang

Out the frame pussy nigga pushin off me

Stompin hoes to the flo

And never scared to pop heat

Ahh hammer on you bird

On the chest don't talk shit tonight

Ain't no thatng to bust yo head

And start a fight

Bitch whats up now nigga

Verse 4 David Banner

North mississippi in this bastard

Fuck around my nizzle and get your whole body plastured

I remember the wall trick

If you got some amma

Gangsta wlak yo ass over

And pump out that banner

It'll be fabulous if you leave

Cuz I'm tryin to stomp your body

Till yo ass can't breathe


Chours x2

Verse 5 8Ball

left foot right foot

Swingin both from yo fist

Yo better keep it movin

Fore you ass get hit

Verse 6 MJG

Kids don't count when we buck back

get ready to finish anything you start

Verse 7 8Ball

Straigh form the mound

boys better not clown

I got 85 niggaz ready wit me

Representin town

Verse 8 MJG

200 oozies with atomatic clips

Make you boys take that paper off that clip

Verse 9 8Ball

Young pimp smoke weed

Don't sniff but might

Sip 4 5'ths

With a bunch of hollow tips in the window

Verse 10 MJG

I'm pimp tight

Nigga look at my resume

Never been a trick neva eva played

Chour x2

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