David Banner

David Banner - Crank It Up

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It's bad, that I gotta take out my muthafuckin time

To get yall punk bitches straight

First of all don't worry bout what the fuck I got bitch

Countin my money like you a hoe

Real men don't worry bout what another nigga got [FUCK YOU!]

You punk ass bitch

Fuckin em' Static


[chorus - Static] Repeat 2x

We Ridin (Big Bodies)


V-12's (V-12's)

(S.U.V.'s) S.U.V.'s

Crank it up (Whoop!' Whoop!)

Crank it up (Whoop!' Whoop!)

Drank it up, Girl let me spank it up

[Verse 1 - David Banner]

We got uhh

Big cadillac

With yo bitch in the back

Hold my dick in her mouth

While I pack em' a stack

she give ur riches

While you yap bout yo gold

It's on my cars (Ha, Ha)

That bitch bought a boat

see she bought me a car

And it's lookin like yours

Only difference is my nigga, I got wood on the doors

I got wood on my wheel

And I'm bustin my steel

I fucked yo main bitch

(Nigga) How does it feel?


[Verse 2 - David Banner](Lady Singing)

Y'all talk shit while we still winning

She's on my dick cuz my rims kept spinnin'

Then I bust up the block

The system that knocks

I keep fuckin' yo bitches, while yall keep bitin' the pot

(Diamond in the back, the sunroof top)

(Pilled up my stocks, now I'm pissin' off the cops)

Fuck that sangin' my nigga

We can chop up them pigs

Man I'm ready for war, if any my niggaz get killed


[David Banner - Outro]

If ya ride roun' town in his truck

Put his keys in the air and crank it up

(Repeat 2x)

And if that boy got wood on the wheel

Grip that motherfucker tell me how it feel

(Repeat 2 x)

Now crank It Up (Repeat 5x)


And i swear i love u like uhh birth jedy i kill you BITCH (coughin)

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