Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes - Until You Lyrics

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Let's just take our time

There's nothing else to do

What better way to spend the night

Than wasting it with you

The moon has won the war

The daylight waits to end

Stay here by my side

We'll watch the struggle start again


I need you now and forever

So stay right here with me

Don't ever leave

Love was kept from me like a secret

And I swore that I was through

Until you, until you

The city settles down

I watch you as you sleep

There's a silent celebration for

Every breath you breathe

Now this all makes sense

With you as company

I left all I knew and found

A better part of me, yeah


The time it took to find you

I would

Wait again my baby

The feelings that

I feel with you now, yeah


until you until you until you

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Tuesday 20th of March 2012 11:25
It's very hard not to like Dave Barnes, he's music is so smooth and soothing :X