Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes - Stay Away Lyrics

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She hangs up her phone

And she lays wide awake

Holdin' onto the heart that again will break

It's not that she's innocent

She's not defied

Yeah, she picks up the phone but it's you dialed

And I know that she's telling you to stay

But please

Stay away (3x)

I know this is heavy and

I know I seem mad

But you're the one who laughs and runs

While she's standing sad

We both know where this goin'

Your history

She come and fall in love

But you can't believe

And I know she's telling you to

Please stay away (2x)

She wears her heart on her sleeve

She's cryin' her eyes out to me

Heaven or Hell that she'll go through

Depends on you

Depends on you

Stay Away (fade out)

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