Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour - Sanctuary

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On dawn of the day I arose to the thunder again the pounding in my head it doesn't seem to phase me how every scream the pretend not to hear echoes through me standing, complacently waiting I try to tell myself our lives are worth more than this so give me a chance to take it all back, I'll show you that I'm worth more than your pittance or pity it's a spit in the face so don't even try to explain the earth shakes beneath my feet and as these buildings they crumble around me I call out if you can hear me come and let me out, oh please break me out! and give me sanctuary you know this whole world knows you won't be satisfied 'til you fill up another cemetery it's all a game to you we won't be fooled by you into thinking that it's easy, nobody said this would be easy to swallow or process or fake and dark will be the day when I elude their desires no longer will I be..

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