Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour - No Closer Than A Stranger

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You are a servant to your god,

you are a slave to a book,

you say you're just a messenger,

but you'll end up hooked,

this place feels like home,

walls echo screaming no,

this tough love feels,

like I'm being choked,

dependent on a whim,

bow down before him,

you suckle righteousness,

and siphon lies,

this rope feels like home,

my mouth is gagged,

my hands are bound,

this tough love feels like I'm being drowned,

and in a daze one day,

you'll wake up old and gray,

and realize you've alienated,

those who cared about you,

say you will forgive me again,

your pride is the birth of your original sin,

say I can be saved again,

Well I won't and I think you know,

Because of you,

this is not all for him,

it's for you,

the blessed father,

tainted blood of a martyr.

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