Dark - Angeltear

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It's so far away

Where no humans are

It's so high in the sky

Where the silence reigns

Come and take my hand

And close your eyes for another dream

This is a place where nothing is what it seems

With a view of a sea which unifies

All the sadness of our darkened world

This is a sea of tears

That thousand angels had cried

This is an island

of hopes and dreams

This is the hidden place

The dragon of grace

With a bleeding rainbow

In the heart of a crimson sky

This is a paradise

Beyond the veil of sleep

Only when the last sign occurs,

the angels will cry

And their tears will flow,

From the gates of heaven

Like everflowing floods of melancholy

Are you ready for another journey

Through the land of dreams

Come and take my hand and let us fly

To the sea of hope and fear -

To the godly place called Angeltear


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