Darin - So yours

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I can tell that you dig me, I dig u too

What's a guy to do, I've fallen for u

Let me know what u want

And I'll find a way someway


I need to be where you are

(na na na na na)

Can't keep away not too far

(na na na na na)


(You know that) Baby I like you, do you dig me back

Say that you want me cause I want u bad

You need to get closer to know what you have

I'm yours, so yours

Baby I can't take the distance no more

Say that i got you don't put me on hold

Now I am here cause I want you to know

I'm yours, so yours


Tired of thinking of things that could go wrong

Now's the time yeah I've waited so long

Gotta know what you think if you feel the same


Yeah baby

Throw your love back at me

I just want you to see

You'll always find it in me yeah

I'll be all that u need

I'm yours, so yours

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