Daniel Bashta

Daniel Bashta - All Hail

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(Pre Chorus)

My God, my rock, my deep fortress

Strong to the liver, and rich in love

I stand in what you promise

You’re just so true, my heart will trust in You


All hail, king Jesus

All hail, I got it anywhere

Reach joy, with every voice

Yours is the kingdom forever

(Pre Chorus) + (Chorus)


[We are sharps of liar

We were sharps of low

Oh please belong to the one here to stay

We worship, I warn you, we claim you as king

Say _______(?) He’s under our feet] x 2

Ooh how king Jesus

And oh how our God ____(?)

Reach joy, love as your voice sing

Yours is the kingdom forever


Yours is the kingdom forever x 3

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