D'Angelo - Sugah Daddy lyrics

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It's just the way she's so raw & uncut

She needs a spankin' to shake her up

& I just wish that I could open her up

2 this deeper place of luv

High priced snake skin on 'er arm

Lace satin coverin' up 'er charms

Ya should have seen the way they tossed & turned

The way she made the congregation squirm


Girl has got a worldly view

Apparently she sees thru ya

Her luv was neva meant 2 share fo' 2

She said I'll do it if you'll be my suga daddy

(Verse 2)

Take a note from my philosophy

I'mma give 'er what she need

Can't snatch the meat out of the lioness mouth

Sumetimes ya got to just ease it out

I give her a pacifier

I fill my baby's crib wit all the luvin' Daddy wants to give

& when it comes 2 rockin' 'er to sleep, I'll neva tire

This is the way I pat my baby on the butt, good God

She had me hooked wit only just 1 glance

She need a spanking, baby, that's wussup

Lord, Lord! Ya say ya want 2 be the 1 she chooses

To star in 'er meaningless romance


Girl's got a worldly view

What's a sassy girl 2 do

& if the decision was left up 2 me

Ya best believe that I would be 'er suga daddy

Brown eyes that'll make ya blue

Eyes that'll see right thru ya

She crossed 'er fingers when she said 'er vows

She said I promise that I'll sock it to ya baby


So I take the child to my crib

I ain't gonna tell you what we did

I ate it so hard, made the pussy fart

She said it's talking to ya, talking 2 ya Daddy

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