D'Angelo - Playa Playa lyrics

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Steal u wit my 2 shot control u wit my drop blaze u wit my handle bless u wit my pops play u like a pro and take over the show stick u and defeat u rob u of your glow rob u of your glow (chorus) bring the drama playa give me all u got make your move shoot your best shot i see right through your riddle slip right past the block set u up 4 2 shoot your best shot shoot your best shot we're the playas number 1 (x 3) playa playa play me we dyin to set it off marlo, slick and weasel can hardly wait to ball my groove is tight drummers drummin right dirts our secret weapon each and everynight each and everynight We came here to rip shit strip u of your clout later for all yall we gon turn this motha out if u came to ball u gon lose it all wedont plan to stop til u bounce off tha wall til u bouncin off tha wall (chorus) we're the playas number 1 (x 3)

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