D'Angelo - Believe lyrics

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I believe thus love, thus love

I believe thus love

I believe thus love, thus love

I believe thus love

I believe love

Fool, uh of the things we believe there's a whole lot of work

We should roll up our sleeves and we got a whole fun

When faces I can see that

Why doubt your plans 'cause it's all worth believing

We can make it worth do believe

That evenness trust in the dust and believe

That we can achieve that by tuning out negative feedback

Next he is, can he be concentrate to bring believe back

Into ourselves, into the world, into the rap gang

He's a miserable that means, that means emotion even likes me man

Man look we holding out for the truth

But we alone and aloof, we gon' hold for the proof

Man put it in believing, believe in believing

Seeing ain't believing, it's the feeling that we needing

Believe in each other, put the question to the system

They promising returns then question what you gettin'

We should believe in the reasons we existing

Time for renaissance to reawaken what is with it

Belief can confirm, make it is but it isn't

Sometimes I wish I had belief when I didn't

I believe thus love

I believe thus love

In the land of make belief, time to make unbelievable believable

Take a believe to the realm of the real

Believe in this shit, this force fed to the medium

Believe in this real when it's really a raw deal

Never disbelieve when you see a new miracle

Like ghetto children shining bright in Babylon

Believe in that, don't believe in stats to the contrary

Gotta be wary of them their carry on

People find belief when they don't find identity

Believe in your friends, don't believe in your enemy's

Mountains of doubt and disbelief right in front of you

Troops on the other side, what you gon' do?

Ooh, ooh, believe

Ooh, thus love, thus love

Ooh, ooh, believe

Ooh, thus love, thus love

I believe, I believe, I believe

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