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Dane Cook - Tire in The Face lyrics

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Did you see that clip they were like showing the other day on uh ESPN

or whatever. They were showing like the best crazy accidents or something.

It was like the best of the worst car you know like.

They showed this one clip man . If you saw this this was nuts.

The two cars go around the corner and they like catch each other

they start to roll. The tire flys into the stands, hit's a woman in the face!

And when you first saw it you were like OOOOOO!

That tire just hit that woman in the in the face!

Oh good they're showin' it again Look Look Look Look at this right here.

Slow it down..yeah that's when it hits her in the face.

And the funny thing is everybody around the lady like dove out of there.

Everyone got out of there but she just like sits there like.

You see everyone dives and at the last minute as the tire is rocketing at her

face. This is her defense. She goes OOOOO!

Like she's just gonna get in a slap fight with a Goodyear.

Like she's just gonna go PAH and deflect it.

Or maybe she just palmed it PAH.

There can only be one Highlander! Tires cannot defeat me!

What a horrible way to go...What happened to Mary?

A tire... hit her in the face. How do you say that without laughing.

A tire- I can't even do it now! How did Mary die? A TIRE hit her in the FACE!

What was she doing putting her face near tires?

No no no no this tire hunted Mary down. This tire murdered Mary.

This tire wasn't fucking around as we like to say.

This tire was out for vengeance.

I don't wanna die with a tire hitting me in the goddamn face.<br><br>Thanks to thudord

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