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Dane Cook - Horror Movies

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you know.

i havent seen a good horror movie in a while

cause when we were kids when we were young.movies were scary.they were scary.

they affected our brains for years ok. years. when i saw JAWS i couldnt take a bath for like 10 years A BATH A BATH. i thought that shark was coming out of the drain.im lathering one side at a time.. you know. do you remeber the movie there was another one. do you remeber this one.

when the guy. the girlls babysitting. the girls babysittingg and he kept calling up the house saying &quot;have you checked the children&quot;. it was called when a stranger calls. and that movie was terrifying. and this girl kept picking up the phone and she was terrified shed be like..... he-he-hello. have you checked the children. if that was me i would have been fu** the the children. my shifts offically over. you what the thing is. if somebody calls and messes with you on the phone you dont become terrified you mess back. if somebody calls and was like have you checked the childrend id be like i killed them!<br />

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