Dana Coppafeel

Dana Coppafeel - Da City

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feat SPEAK Easy

Feeling, now standing, fly just plaining

Tearing that the level up, take that not for granted

I mean I want the key to this city, all you mean is this sin in the city

When I am cool in the limousine in the city, but I go

What a tactical to breeze in the city, trapped or locked now I need Fontane

Maybe you can find me, or to sledge flam ramming

Always off the cratch, take a watch for the time we stay in the zone

Like raws when we’re shinning

You think is like the care when we brought you in the city

Feed up and reclaim, I’m at home in the city

You get drunk, or grow bald, the run through your city

While you get lap though, looking doom in your city

And your city, where you are

I’m hands up like kiddie, I’m the man what they missed me

All my fans are there with me

All abroad, I’m killing in, ain’t jail

But you know when nigga felling in

I see you scared, or they might jet really shit, I’m video city

When they’re bumping KFS, you too care, killing shit

Shut up like tomato, popping couple of bottles,

Got they do it like your smile, you know willing is Domato

Popping rather another show, popping killing another stage

And then I lead this certain game, until they know my name

Hell this, I run shit, stop quick, pass by

Cush my colossal, so is fused me, I’m gonna hide

Me and DNA speak, shall take it to the final shick

Is the Sunday fresh of lying shit

Why might frustrate, mix out a better day

Snick a house, take time, gobble till we break day

Summon breeze, swimming like loyalty,

Hi, how are you? Is a pleasure for you known me

Yea, get locked in the city, try to survive in the city

Is no job in the city, finding to stay alive in the city

Yea, get locked in the city, try to survive in the city

Is no job in the city, finding to stay alive in the city

Yea, temper sounds check, gotta give my level life

People start to flouring, is looking like a good night

My expectees, somebody that murder a beast

Someone that can set this city in fire, ain’t you speak?

Mayor for the day, much longer that bad constituents

In a hotel, to the stage, can get it in

Or ain’t double you, dedicate rap slain

Things chance, snap back, low unified game

So turn the game in my mind clouding

And in the green when you speak, where I lay dough

Trying give my mind right living in the lane, like can be hypocrite

This is when my mind lies

School of rappers every day, welcome to the Ameral

Everything I make this buddy yes, ‘cause we wanna rock

Rock the stage, ain’t to speak, got to live the show

Check the dose to the grab, ‘cause we gotta go

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