Dan Sevy and Dennis Downs

Dan Sevy and Dennis Downs - Gabriel's Song

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If I had to write a song for you

I’d write about the way it makes me blue

Cause I can’t see your smile anymore

It’s been so long since you came in through my door

I haven’t heard you voice since the night you went away

I remember I was crying, begging you to stay

I guess god had better things for you to do

So I held you tight and said goodbye to you

If I could only talk to you today

There’s so many things that I would like to say

What I’d like to say to you the most of all

Is I love you in every little way

I wish that I could give you, a gift for your birthday

I know it sounds crazy, but I’ll say it anyway

God please forgive me, I can’t help the way I feel

Send down your love and help start to heal

I’m asking you to help me, get through another day

Cause I won’t make it any other way

I know god’s gonna help me make it through

Cause he helped me write this song for you

And I wouldn’t have you back again today

Cause I know up there in heaven you can play

And though I know I’ll miss you, every single day

I’ll see you up in glory land someday

If I had to write a song for you

I’d write about the way it makes me blue.

Thanks to Dan Sevy for correcting these lyrics

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