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Dan Balan - only till the morning lyrics

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Until the Morning

Rain in November,

Like heaven in tears ..

I live in a dream,

I see you again.

Your name

On his lips froze,

Far, far away

I say goodbye to you ..


Only till the morning .. (A-ah) Up in the morning ..

I will touch you ..

Only till the morning .. (A-ah) Up in the morning ..

Again, you and me.

Just before the morning

Only till the morning.

(Ee-e, m-m-m)

Do you remember how to fly over mountains?

Do you remember how to love ate with his hands?

Like wine "Rose" drank and laughed,

We thought that we in the world and only joy,

And eternity, and the sun, and rose, and tenderness - and all for love!

And when we woke tight beam of light, you said: "Last summer .."

Heart in hand

Since then trembled,

I would give everything,

Did you want to dream.

Your name again


Far, far away

I'm floating in the clouds.

[Chorus x2]

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