Damnation (Punk)

Damnation (Punk) - Uphuckinsuck lyrics

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You can sink or you can swim

On the streets of New Orleans

Over heard the horror stories

of Nicaragua jails

Devil's got a voodoo doll

Sticking needles through your face

Wrath of late Marie Leveau

Leave em pissing down your leg


Heads will roll

We rip it up

Uphuckinsuck (x2)

Because we rule

& rip it up

Uphuckinsuck (x2)

Tearing through every set

Like it's the last we'll play

Stuff those fucks in body bags

& send them on their way

No one digs a super kook

Jacking our parade

Speed ball and go Belushi

Let a dumpster be your grave (x2)


Over dose of reality

That's the cure for your disease

Uphuckinsuck (x2)

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