Damnation (Punk)

Damnation (Punk) - Far Before Our Time

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Far before our time

I feel some nervousness

I try to justify

Not so much what I did but

Just how the child died

Don't need just anyone

Not those with plastic face masks on

Can't trust just anyone

My wires are crossed it's causing sparks


Disconnected from our state of mind

Overloaded far before our time X2

I gaze through blackened shades

I peer between the blinds

Down on the streets below

They're fuckin hanging all the time

They're invisible offspring

New shipments everyday

They'll tell you the same thing

We're youth of a star walk nation


They say that nothing lasts forever in this world cause

It's all done with mirrors

The glass is thin just as a reflection there within Oh!

Energy vampires for condemnation

Such a harsh abbreviation to maintain when you're in Babylon for glory

Take me away, all right now!

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