Daan - Wounds & Wine

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I've seen puddles filled with reasons

I've seen birds filled with lies

I've seen puddles filled with fiction

And I've seen bells filled with rams

Bloody kings full and all his kin full

Miles of every kind

Never graceful, never peaceful

Venom rollercoaster ride

Lightning walks, see that it's ok

Let 'em thank you so kind

Let 'em say what I am I? The same song

So fucked up, maybe you'll ram

Just be faithful, the glass is half full

Better runs are sometimes very bad

Lemme linger, lemme figgle

Burder the writing of this kind

Some say that he been loving me

With one more handsome ____(?)

count your fears, count your fears

Down your wounds and wine

Meet the mead hall, play the reap ball

Get to lose and have it all

It's only natural, life's irrational

So can't you ______(?) before you fall?

I'm with guys with good intentions

I'm with girls with some ______(?)

I'm in hotels, jumping fences

And that old hearth is getting mud

Out with the free will

Outside your bell

Lock and hurt with disappearances

I read your drill and I read your last will

But don't you ask me anymore

Bullets break, seen it all

Walk in wounds and wine

Don't you think off that grid

Welcome wounds and wine

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