Daan - Sons of grey

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my litlle velcro twineis in a state were the cars don¹t drive

and the people stare at number five in gold

didn¹t I tell you you¹ld be happy

didn¹t I tell you it¹s a sell-out

even your mother will be proud

my little sense of time

is big enough to count the seconds

between a fine toast and a toast that¹s made to burn

don¹t this lack of color suit me

or shall I chase another greyhound

bark my day

all of my wheels are turning

both of my hands are burning

follow the sons of grey

find me a cloud that¹s yurning

find me a sheep that¹s kerning

find me the sons of grey

through windows we gaze at concrete that plays

songs of grey the bricks are in place

my spoon¹s on a tray songs of grey

crossfading the goat that sleeps in my throat

songs of grey emergency rhymes

to polish the chymes songs of grey

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