Daan - neverland lyrics

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<b>neverland</b> by <i>Daan</i><br />I’ve seen guys like you

I’ve seen skies more blue

No escape for your

Neverland needs you

No one passes true

Sleep is what you do

Daymares all come true

Neverland calls you

Now go

Land that no one needs

Land where grow no seeds

Land where your heart bleeds

Neverland indeed

Land where ends unfold

Land where I’ve been told

Land where young gets old

Neverland gets cold

Ain’t no morning call

Play no extra ball

Watch icarus fall

But never land at all

Ain’t no lands like these

Ain’t no stranger trees

Beg you on my knees

Neverland here please

Sleep in empty rooms

Brides but never brooms

Blossoms never blooms

In this land of dooms

In my childish hood

Stealing golden fruit

Sure my days were good

Far from neverhood

Words are muddy sand

Nothing said is ment

Beauty pays no rent

Here in neverland

Sweet would be the grape

More then I could take

If I could escape

Cross the neverlake

Now as we are thru

Life changed me and you

Play our bad tapes too

I zoom into you

Counting my mistakes

Every one I made

When my debts were paid

In neverland I stayed

Someday you’ll dome down

To my underground

In these pools we’ll drown

Never leave this town

Try to comprehend

Take it from a friend

I Will wait my end

I need neverland

© Tekst & Muziek: Daan

published by Huachinango 2004

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