Daan - Mountains of Time

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like mountains of time

islands of mine

we dissapointed the customs of night

fearless to trust

heavens to bust

all of our blades that we scatterred to rust

and in the ruines of your latest attack

I found the scripture there ain’t no way back

mules packed with dimes

mountains of time

when you were a stranger

carving my faith into burnt trees

clouds opening up to where the bird flees

what a beautifull feeling you've sent me

what a beatifull body you gave away

a to easy prey

for all these mountains

for the mother of timing came nothing too late

sent me the creature to suck out the blood to hydrate

takes you to center if time

leaves you to peacefully pitiless drowning

takes you to time zones

we could not rhyme

we were the mountains of time

for then you took me somewhere

some mystery fair

riding your silver sleigh all through my hair

children to stare

burdens to bear

only these mountains of time kept us there

you've washed the stigma from my twisted hands

you've burnt the forest so that I could land

look at the palace they’re building on top

fields to be cropped

mountains of time to corrupt

take, take me back where

I used to roam

all of these mountains of time wouldn’t grow

I brought the sin, you brought the cane

these guns of pride were just symbols of shame

hybrid descendants, we played the wrong game

like portraits unframed I am holding you tight

and if I do, you surely will

in these mountains of time

these mountains of time

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