Daan - gabriel

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<b>gabriel</b> by <i>Daan</i><br />I never harvest a story

Or jump down the well

Got no one to save unless I know them too well

So please don’t you ask me to play Gabriel

Or a guardian angel to keep you from hell

No whiter then your flags

No hens calling upon your shipwrecked deck

No keeper in your net or a new Bernaddette

I ain’t Gabriel

Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel

I ain’t no Soddam no Gomorra no A no B no plan

No Bouddha no Bermuda or invisible man

Sun after your rain or son that was lost

A usable connection or a friend of your judge

No late bar gettaway car

Or a very close friend you will push just too far

If I might have been there done that

You made your wish upon a bad star

No Gabriel

Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel

© Tekst & Muziek: Daan

published by Huachinango 2004

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