Daan - fuel

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<b>fuel</b> by <i>Daan</i><br />oh my litle thiefyou've been slipping through the wrong seeve

on my little yaht all we thought about was shore leave

single exhaust truck doomed to vanish in it¹s own mist

oh I liked the plan but you had to pick the wrong men

you needed four or five

and one to park & drive

a parking lot bender

one in one out of mind

and one to kill your time

I shot all your darlings

my imperfect crime

one to confront me with burdons beyond me

one to keep me high and dry

(with) rain falling out of a clear blue sky

one to control me one not to call me

one to be what I am not chainsaw cutting a forget me not

- (change very scene but never the plot)

for my memory non stop shifted all entries

(with a) time based tendancy

to pick out snobs and call them hippies

I said we needed fuel

and one way roads are cruel

but somehow we¹ld get there

I¹ll trade my wine for fuel

and dance around the stool

mechanical bullshit

not a one life hit

meanwhile i was - out there filling tanks

you were pushing up my daisies

strand on fuel flood banks

with a blindfold in the hazy

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