Daan - Everglades

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Here’s to wisdom

To cruise and spades

Moving through it, love don’t change

The wind blowing

Give the answer

He went out

You used to know

Who has the crown

You found these hidden things

Welcome creatures _____

Welcome creatures that reunite

Welcome hurricanes with your hand straight

Welcome sinners with lust in your eyes

If you doubt it

You can die

Let them find me

I’m still alive

Take a walk through these _____


We should call that

I will be there

Let me win for a few years

They showed the blood

No one listens when someone’s heard

In my ‘90’s I was so blind

Shout to my mother and criticize

I was cruising over these_____


You’ve been bitten by stranger teeth

Always knew

I will believe

Sucked up memories of drugs

Reckoned hearts

These are the everglades

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