Daan - dream

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<b>dream</b> by <i>Daan</i><br />How did you do?

Get stuck on my front

Not even blond you made to bont

You wanted me more than I needed you

You fly the broom!

You took my credit card to pay for my doom

Back to the base buzzling zoom

I think I’ll do dance without you

Hoping that you stick to your glue

Nothing you do can my dream come true

View from a bitch

Can’t take you no more

Lower your pitch

You sing like a whore

And everytime I hear hour name I stop

Don’t like the smell

Don’t like the rumours that you spread oh so well

Some people think I was fooled ganz overruled

I don’t need you

To get the clue stick to your crew

Nothing you do can make this dream come true

Now that you’re gone

You no laughing nun saved by the gong

I wasted my cum I openly admit it

You was wrong

Take back your long

Take back the holy book that you’re swearing on

Take back your nails and your cross

You lost the toss

Look at yourself

One from the shelf

Each dozen twelfe

All that you do is make nightmares come true

Sick to the bone I threw the first stone broke every bone

For you to dethrone was number one on my old wishing list

I can declare I got an overdose of your silly flair

The kind the kind of chique they call sick

Get of my dick

Throw up my brick you grave you dig

Nothing you do can make my dream come

Make my cream come

Make my cream come

Make my cream come true

© Tekst & Muziek: Daan

published by Huachinango 2004

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