Daan - Drama

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love’s a burning thing

makes an old man sing

burns you from within

and turns a bright face grim

carves like meat your skin

love takes back

ship turns wreck

crawls your back

and loses track

why don’t you

fire your crew

guide them through the wandering

you’re a free ride

in a dead end street

love’s a burning thing

no way to extinct

boil it to the brim but

don’t you wear that crown

love will take you down

love’s a burning thing

pour the gas to win

light the match of sin

but just when you begin

hate comes crawling in

all you’ll get

good or bad

wipe the red

from your pale eyes

lust and vice

random highs

overlooking skies

you’re a blue bird

in a pitch black sky

love’s a burning thing

burns you from within

carving meat like skin if

you know where you’ve been

you don’t wear that ring

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