Daan - Brand New Truth

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<b>Brand New Truth</b> by <i>Daan</i><br />this is what really happenned to the beatles

they got Eve pregnant on the wings of eagles

the kid was born the ninety second month

with John Travolta standing by the pond

I know it cause I once was a beatle

before my holy blood it crossed a needle

now things have changed for worse I do admit

by new religions all my dreams were hit

you were hungry for some learning

all they gave you was just U-turning

you ain’t seen the new thing

pages keep on turning the truth

who knows what really happened in those chambers

the air was thin the room was full of strangers

we range our pillows straigten up the truth

we drown in kellogs all our critic youth

these documents they’re CSI requisites

these politicians dance corrected visits

the victims get a free ride of their own

but I’m glad I’m not a school kid going home

you were hungry for some learning

all they gave you was retrograding

their new truth crazy

it’s a spoof phase me

A Brand New Truth

so give another Oscar to the poor ones

export another cutie to the Donna

The only Lama who made it to the States

lives behind papparazzi guided gates

Myself I live inside a fucked up country

all these politician arseholes fill my tv

These funny shows

that make ‘m all look all bright

these Flemish primitives their silly fight

you were hungry for some learning

all they gave you is darwin burning

it’s all logic nature’s magic

we’re all fabric drop the logic

randomize science

emphasize blindness

synchronize a new mess

do foresake your need for proof

welcome to a Brand New Truth

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