Daan - Beauty Calls Collect

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<b>Beauty Calls Collect</b> by <i>Daan</i><br />I drove my cars into your ditches

knowing they weren’t deep

I climbed the hill

you said it wasn’t steep

I know I made a promise that no

grown man ever keeps

I said I’d swim behind the

the whirlpool creeps

when beauty calls, it calls collect

love ain’t no place for tact

I’m just a missile shot in vain

the kind you redirect

I love the way you crawl

upon your too familiar stage

I love the way you blame

it on your age

I felt the need to talk to someone

fatally beraged

I had a sickening urge

to blow my wage

when beauty calls, it calls collect

make sure your lugguage’s packed

the frog you kissed came with a twist

like trains meant to be missed

So if you ever think of me

repainting your repent

do make that call

it’s weird but I ain’t tapped

Or if you find my wandering cufflinks

pawn them in for the rent

I thought of you as more

than I should get

when beauty calls, it calls collect

you signed a refund pact

we take no risks we don’t endorse

we ride a prozac horse

beauty calls collect

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