Daan - 1969

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<b>1969</b> by <i>Daan</i><br />I remember sixty eight

though I was a sperm

I had so much left to learn

so many different future heartburns

I came out in '69

thought the world was fine but

I grew up a different guy

since 1969

even if I know I’m not

the melancholy kind

if I’d known what I'd find

I'd've gotten back in and stayed behind

for now I think I’ve seen too much

too much to forget to

take me back to where it’s at

to 1969

sitting in a Paris bar

i saw the Concorde crash

we were born the very same day

we were bound to fly much faster

oh my little steely bird

come to meet your end and

fly me back from where we came

to 1969

no, I don’t think I regret

any single year

it’s so easy to look back

I’ve been there and I’ve done that so now

stop the custom Cadillac

light the flashy tails and

drive me back in style and grace

to 1969

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