DA HOL 9 - That's Her

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[Hook x2: Kaos]

She be by her damn self

Derty cuz she tiiired

She ain't go no time

For these niggas and they liiives

She don't fuck wit hoes cuz

They drove and kuniiiiivin

Yes'ir yes'ir yes'ir

Yes'ir that's her

[Verse 1: Kaos]

There she is dime diva, miss Cinderella

Hangin out wit all her fellas

She ain't no female friends cuz all these hoes jealous

Can't keep no nigga cuz they can't keep up

And Sunshine don't heard it all than 4 mo' peep-up

She know the game inside, she know we all about

Women and diamond, tryin to buy em, grind em and ride

She got her own car, own crib and long as she got

Fresh batteries she don't need a nigga for shit (hell nah)

She a workin woman, nickname Pumpkin, straight out the block

In her 'Cedes bumpin, she roll pumpin Da Hol' 9's album

She keeps it locked to this station becuz they cert'y heat and

they hit you with live AC clubbin urry week

She got her preference when she come to the club

She tokes a burner in her purse and she keeps her own bud

She's been called a scandalous, pussy suckin dyke

Bitches say she trickin hella just cuz she the shiiit

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Kemo]

Yeah, girl why don't you take a trip to myself

Catch a flight, girl pay for the ticket

Bring ya girlfriend baby we can kick it

Take you away from everything wicked

You may only think that I wanna do is stick it, shick it

Create a little mischief, when I look at that ass make a nigga

Straight think about a buttermilk bis-CUIT! (yes'ir)

You say you diggin my style but ain't been wit a nigga in a while

And I think you bullshittin, you say you don't put a nigga dick in ya mouth (boy please!)

Get the fuck up out the pants, man fuck about the last, nigga that

Ran up in that ass, would've been a laugh, eat sperm

Baby girl till you get a little taste (yes'ir yes'ir)

See baby girl rollin in a Lexus, tellin Kemo he can't sex shit

Look at the necklace, you can tell she don't want nuttin but the "best" shit

She don't gotta roll solo no mo', Golo, rollin wit the Polo, suit

Wit the matchin boots but you don't gotta call her no ho though

What I need is a woman like you see, so we can kick it up like Bruce Lee

Get the puss-y, in the movie, so much don't move me

The fuck you be lyin for? that's what this rhymes for

You ain't got no time to be cryin for

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Kaos]

She sick and tired of these niggas wit all they hoes and they bitches

Thinkin when they get them digits, and smashin always when they visit

Niggas be constantly trickin, off on they dicks on they missions

But derty gon and admit it, you know she don't wanna kick iit..

So you thinkin you can smash, and get it to the pad

So what's up wit that? (you ain't gettin no ass)

You say she talkin trash, and you get mad

Urry spot of that (you ain't gettin no ass)

Ay derty take it from Kemo and Kriss Kreingle, she single

Cuz she ain't never had a mandingo

Pretty eyes, beautiful smile, thick thighs, could maybe bellon me

Wit that belly ring and that baby hella fine

Goddamn, lips glossed, tat's wit them fly nails

Pullin a wagon just like a fuckin Clydesdale

Niggas constantly trickin, they be tryin to hit it daily

It's obvious, why you don't kick it, bitches steady hatin

All these hoes keep yo name in they mouth like dick

And urbody sayin who you done fucked

You've been called a scandalous, pussy suckin dyke

Bitches say you trickin hella just cuz you the shiiit

[Hook x2]


You got these hoes always hatin on you...

And niggas steady tryin to get wit ya crew...

You say you heard they can't take it wit you...

Yes'ir yes'ir yes'ir

Yes'ir that's her

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