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(feat. Naughty By Nature)

[Hook: Both]

I got love for my Bloods, got love for my Crips

Got love for my thugs, and we don't trip - we get rich

Love for my disciples, love for my lords

Pitchforks and fivestars, street soldiers for sure

Got love for Latin kings, and love for MEXICO!

S.A.'s and L.K.'s joint, coast to coast

Love the everyday hustlin, bustlin, musclin but what

When we war, we stay strugglin


I got a plan, a pound, a payment; let's roll

I'm seein red, the blue, the brown, black, and gold

Time to stand as one and snatch back the soul

Gangsters, we all can jack back control

Got the bitches comin with the booty and bubbly

Time to discuss streets cuz shit got ugly

I thought they all facin enemy to enemy

Cuz ain't a motherfuckin thang here industry

Who in here bangin over money, or a bitch that you ain't sure to get

Or soon as you get it, split it

Over a block that's hot, or a chain that he got

The nigga he popped, or over the dimes that HE dropped

Either way we got a bil' a day

Cuz nowadays it's kids that spray, they feel that way

And if we chill and wait, and don't delibirate

You see they feel that way, and then they kill that way



I love my niggas to the death of me

I think it's my motherfuckin destiny

My homies bringin out the best in me

Shout to my people out on the streets who don't be stessin me

See what you fake niggas can't feel

Is that the real recognize real

Niggas who rob and steal,

could give a fuck about image and sex apeal

So when they see you on the streets (Nigga you know the deal)

Aiyyo these so-called gangsters, as so-called hard

I seen 'em rollin with a million man entourage

But then they still get touched on by the law

That makes me think, what the fuck they even hired 'em for

You see we all in the same gang

Because we've all hit the same thang

But now it's time niggas game changed

And while he's sleepin callin us "lost souls"

We send a million O.G.'s straight to the pole


[Treach singing x2]

You got my back, I got yo' back

You got yo' strap, I got my strap

We got it, and you know it

We got it, and you know it


As our people with a purpose, see the shit surface

They get us, cuz the feds is the nigga you do the dirt with

Sick of pleading "Your Honor" fuck you, contempt on gettin calmer

Sick of these warrants, and drinkin and drivin drama

Time to, get connected, and stop makin them records

Bout slangin and bangin, but they can't hold it when it get hectic

Alotta niggas live soft and act hard

Alotta rappers be claimin they be gangsters but trackstars

Alotta cops kick ass, for quick cash, and fast cars

The bottom of the beaten niggas with the last scars

I'ma do Diallo, I feel dawg he was hollow

If we don't fight today, it's nothin to fight for tomorrow

[Chorus x2]

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