DA BEATMINERZ - Let's Talk About It (T.R.O.Y. Remix)

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(feat. Krumbsnatcha, David Banks)

[Evil Dee]

Wig, this one's for you kid!!

[Baby Paul]

Rest in peace to my possum in Marl's

Who's names I wear on my bare arms

And rest in peace to my sister

And my brothers at heart, Rich and Pete

Love P.H.E.


The respect, (?)

Rest in peace, Squares, Lil' Q

[David Banks]

Reminiscing and thinkin 'bout the good times

Oh when, you were here [scratching "Rest in Peace"]

Oh let's talk about it, talk about it

Uhh yeaa, let's talk about it, talk about it, yeeaa

[KRS-One] "Peace..peace"


For every bulletshell that fly, or raindrop drip from the sky

Tears from the universal eye

Gunshots and needles, the problem of my people

How fate can meet you, behind the next desert eagle

We celebrate life like it's close to our death

Teachin all the seeds, with every strength in my breath

Pour my thoughts out and let it spill on the paper

Wrenchin my heart for every word, I stress in major

Like a drug dealer paranoid on point

Sendin kites to my dawgs locked in the joint

Does this world know me, cause right now I'm lonely

Pourin liqour for my homies, somebody show me

Big L, Stretch, and Tah, all gifted

Trouble, Big Buff, plus my man Scientific

Long live the martyrs of this game, embracin your names

May you be sheltered from the flames, God bless!

[David Banks]

Mmmmm, let's talk about it, talk about it

Yeeaaa, mmm, let's talk about it, talk about it

[scratching "Rest in Peace"]

Yeeeaaaaa! Baby listen

Reminiscing and thinkin 'bout the good times

Oh when, you were here

[KRS-One] "Peace..peace"


Some of the greatest leaders'll fall

For not seekin wisdom an all

Self arogance, our greatest of walls

It's no surprise, King Solomon wise, minus 700 wives

The ability to touch up his life is a gift

To give certain spirits a lift

To put 'em on the road to find lost Jews that they miss

And my words is similar, to your ghetto proverbs

Recited as the L is lighted up on the curb

Blowin the earth's fragrance out of your nose

Comparin each others flows like scholars with robes

Buildin, the example for all of our upcoming children

Who shine if the minds combine ready and willing

Spillin the liqour as blunts start to blaze

Serenade all our boys laid steep in they graves

Tight wave caps, overload cuts in the braids

For better days even young thugs silently pray

Believe it, uh

[David Banks x2]

Reminiscing and thinkin 'bout the good times

Oh when you were here [scratching "Rest in Peace"]

Ooh, let's talk about it, talk about it

Ayyy oohhh, let's talk about it, talk about it

[scratching "Rest in Peace"]

You know your floating on Cloud Nine

Reminiscing 'bout the good times (good times)

[KRS-One] "Peace..peace"

I know your in the highest time

Lounging, we'll be there

"Peace..peace" [Repeat]

[Chocolate Tye]

I wanna give a shout out, to my uh, soulmate,

and partner, Leslie Picks, God bless

[Baby Paul]

Shout to Crystal Perez

Love eternal, rest in peace

[Mr. Walt]

Yo I wanna give this shout to my man Marcus Marks

Miss you kid, wish you were still here

I know you watchin, one

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