D-Side - The Favourite

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Goodbyes are so sad, so blue

Girl my life won't be the same without you

No one else could love you, in the way I do

It anybody hurts you

I'll break in two

I tell you


The favourite won't win

Not in every race it's running

I still believe I'll get lucky

That my time will come

When I get a hold you closer then anyone

Some people

They'll promise you things

They'll show you credit cards and Gucci rings

When you realise, something more is missing

When you open your eyes

That's where I'll be


I can't believe girl, the way you look today

Every time I need you, you're so far away

I hate to see you, caught up in the chase

I don't want to finish here forever

In second place


How long, long is the road

To make you, love me

Love me again

Tell me

How long, long should I wait

What would it take to make you

Come back again

[Chorus x2]

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