D I - On Our Way lyrics

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Bye bye bavy, don't you cry

Oh, oh

Time to leave, still you wonder why

Oh, oh

It's not like I'm running away

So little time, time, so much to say

Bye bye baby, it's alright

Oh, oh

Hope you don't lose your sleep tonight

Oh, oh

I'll be back, so it's okay

So little time, time so...


Bye bye babe-Now we're on our way

Leaving today-Our crimes and you pay

We're on our way-Despising our ways

So little time, so much to say

Bye babe-Despising our ways

We're on our way-Our crimes and you pay

Leaving today-Now we're on our way

So little time! So much to say!

Our bags packed, we're hittin the road

Oh, oh

We're gonna miss you, but I gotta go

Oh, oh

There's no time for long goodbys

End of the world, see it in your eyes

Look ahead, you can't look back

Oh, oh

I need you so, but it's time to attack

Oh, oh

We'll be back, so it's okay

So little time, so...

(Repeat chorus twice)

Crowds explode like a nuclear bomb

Little time, lots to say

Meeting people 'round the world

Then we're on our way

When we met, I told you someday

I'd have to be on my way

I need you so, but I have to go

No I'm on my way

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