D I - Backseat Driver lyrics

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Death rates - 89

Tried so hard to die

Hide in the corners of the mind

From all corners start to fight

How, how did I get on this crazy ride


The engine screams running red

Maybe I'd be better off dead

Kiss the metal kiss the floor

Smash the windows and break the door

Goin' mad, goin' mad

Breakin' laws, never sad

Havin' fun far and near

Runnin' hard I'm filled with fear

How do I get off this crazy ride

Johnny's first D.U.I.

The insurance rates will sky

We're so fortunate that no one was killed

But ya know Daddy's gonna sport the bill, back in the road

How do I get off this crazy ride

Checkpoint number 5 they're gonna analyze your eyes

Could be you see

My license, my life, my license, my life and me

I'm a backseat driver...

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