D Dash

D Dash - Money Trees Freestyle lyrics

rate me

I'll tell my life,

boy I'm just.., don't realize?

I'ma need more f*cking drink, man you know?

any record it-it really that hit me babe damn life

damn man I really making history right now man

no deals, got the game screw on my way

you know what I mean?

..Waka Flocka man..

Uh, I feel better than I have ever felt,

talk the dog air every day like he ain't never live,

keep and throw away under my belt,

and if a nigga run upon me, he'll be screaming hell

'cause I'm a..the clip song

and when I'll finish I'ma walk out with a little bone,

looking for I'ma put a bling for me,

hey I'm sorry if you miss homie, hey

real nigga I'm talking ball deep

did the shit I think about when I'm in own sleep,

pole me long, Macaulay Culkin,

I'm on that gas scud me if I got cuffin'

ever since I got my chain, my friend turn it in me

and ever since I got my chain, niggas wanna see me bleed,

but I ain't worried bout it, I'm my own shooter head, yeah I got me one,

reach for it, I shot me one

head shot, I'ma drop me one,

I'm a real nigga you can't cop the son

hey some are sayin' I'll kill the hoes,

gettin' so much money my bill won't foe,

I got these niggas walking round them tipping hoes

and I keep that cranberry own me seminal,

yeah, I don't f*ck nothing but cin of foes,

don't believe me, just waiting till my dear get clothes,

20 racks in my ear tin of low,

started off the 500 now I get t..

rich row, then my stopping ground,

I was playin up in now,

ha ha, and who talk louder than the empire

south side in my empire,

f*ck nigga

all this..I'm rapping on my..

is the woman nigga

you know what I mean?


DJ bs show nigga

third game

bring strong Monopoly nigga

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