D. Cox

D. Cox - One Life Stand lyrics

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We’ve been together through

Not just my lover you were my friend

When times get rough you never let me go

There is just one reason I want you around

Girl I know I’ve made mistakes

I am only human so let’s get the ..w

Working together will overcome

And I believe that you are the one


Girl I need you

Here in my life

And I want you

Here by my side

And I need you

Here in my life

Cause without you baby

I’ll go crazy baby

For you

Stop what you are doing

Let me ease your mind

And give you a piece of this ..

Can’t walk out a little sick

To give you what I am feeling

You will never forget

This ain’t loving

Ain’t no physical

I wanna love you mentality

Baby I promise I’ll never let you down

Cause I know that you were born to be mine


Please forgive me

I am sorry

Baby I didn’t want to make you cry

To make you wanna …


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