D. Chamberz & Uncle Murda

D. Chamberz & Uncle Murda - Shake the Block lyrics

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You already know what it is when we step in that block

Uncle Murda, whassup

Shake the bloc, they know what we doing

We hop back that big tour

Shake the block

They don’t know if they got that think on us or nah

Shake the block

Whassup, shake the block,

Whassup, shake the block,

You know from Conney alley

Shake the block

That’s what we do out there

Shake the block

Shake the block

Shake the block

Pass me or bring, if I don’t get sign

Yeah fresh up the scale, I break it down on dawn

I never gonna snitch, did on my time

For brokers for my (?) am I crib by now?

Hit work, flip work, swerve I that jags,

Ten damn pieces saying throwing in the back

Pawing in the front off, jumping out and get the cash

Fly gonna do by of my gifment cash

Then drake J. Obama hit me,

Tell me: Hurry up and shake the block!

Now I’m in the buff, wipping worf with 2 extra plots

Plans of do shows, VIP get extra wide

Try violate in your face and get extra shot

The once they hear the sound and you here for

You gotta shake the block

Sales on the shell on the floor

Will shake the cop

Had a block hard like, hot nine seven

After the smoke clear, the block a little like nine eleven

Damn, fly on the alley doing what I do

Listening to the pitbulls from twelve to two

They say be they’re the best

And starting to feel like it

And all the pulles starting to feel something

Destroy and have all, I say use the beast and I am in New York when you riding

Dj no times for that smokes

Better shake the block, uncle Murda let that for

We shake the block

Shake the block

Shake the block

Shake the block

Shake the block

I rap about people I shot ‘em to make the song hot

To get the clean version to ... so you can shake the block

Kill you nigga from the pops nigga, throw up

He watching you die and he ain’t get the watch and grow up

Damn beat, I’mma do the same to your brother

Ain’t got different fathers, a few nigga with how you use to (?)

Their mother was a hoer

Fuck this ain’t pop shit

I’m papping mix from queens when you got the clap hit

The realest happen and you gonna hop to me

My nick name is the kid that disrespect police

I love to give ‘em hate, what so much to complain ‘bout

She wanted to fuck, she was there when I came there out

I made it swallow with all son

To act like you had to leave, then when my phone ring

I’m like this peace, my man life in danger

She think I’m going to kill some for the changers

Shake the block

Shake the block

Shake the block

Shake the block

Shake the block

Shake the block

Shake the block

Shake the block

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