D. Brown

D. Brown - Live A Little

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Yeah, I’m not asking for your hand,

I’m not asking for your heart

Or to meet your mom and father

They get mad if you don’t kiss

This a start and come with

On it tonight, on it tonight


Show me that’s fine, go front now

Have a good time

Like this is the last time

Do something wild right now

Under the sky line

Way under the moon light


Why don’t we live a little, live a little,

We can’t go wrong cuz we’ll make it alright

Live a little x 3

Live a little tonight

Live a little x 2

Be who you want to be inside your mind

Live a little x 3

Live a little tonight


You know I don’t want your number

I don’t even want to know your name

Slow down, let’s not even bother


Make a night to remember

Anything we could thing of

We goin’ in and start over again

(Bridge) + (Hook)


Forget the bad yeah

This is where we act now

I see in your eyes, you need me tonight

Let go and let me, if you just beat me

We’ll make a party out of our livin’


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