D-Banj - Why Me lyrics

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no long thing,

mo-hits records.

its don jazzy again.

am dbanj my german friends call me skibanj.

why me o(kokolets 1 2)*2

dey try me(kokolets 1 2)

dey try me


she said she wanted to be mine

that my koko tracks are wild,

so tell me why me o

but it was a one night stand

baby dont u understand

so tell me why me o(why me o)

why me o(why me o)

dey try me(dey try me)

dey try me.

verse 1

i dont know how to say this

but this girl drives me crazy

cause i cruise in town with a mercedes

so she said she wanna have my baby,

first when i met her,

she said koko master come test her,

we could do it ones,

twice maybe better,

wanna test my skills

so i let her, yes so i let her,

so sexy so tempting,

so pretty contemplating,

how to get her love me now,

make she get a taste of my heart,

took her to my crib now,in my drop top,took her top off,body was a

jump off,started on the floor now,to the bed now,hands on the

wall,devil was the bomb now.

she wouldnt leave me alone

always calling my phone,feele ahh she no gree.


verse 2

that wasnt enough,

wanted to take me home to her mom,

when i heard some cold comments off her mouth,

i suggest she leave me alone,why me.

yes i insist why me,tell the truth

and dont lie to me,

said u wanna get grammy,

but now u wanna come tie me,

u don see mugu(u don see mugu),

this dosent feel too good(this dosent feel too good),

i no do give me my space,

i no want commot for my face,

i say no abi u dey crase,

this thing don dey turn to disgrace,

she wouldnt leave me alone

always calling my phone feele ahh she no gree.



sweet cinderella,

u look so fine like domitilla,

dont know what i am gonna tell her

maybe i should try some accapella

lets go



long thing

no long thing.

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