D-12 - G-Shottie

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Infa 1:

niggaz is dead sick yeah i said it

sayin yall burf'd me

man yall aint bred shit

so y yall talkin i aint listenin


yall can keep talkin shit

suck my dick fuck wit me

yall can get touched by a angel

u fuckin' touch me

itz i was fuckin' touched by a bitch

hell yeah d12 send deadly shotz through e-mail

fast & quick so u c hell and i hope u get caught

& send u ta jail

real papha da money we gettin'

and da honey's we dippin

just know their "brainz" will be splittin'

but they real degenerent

Chi-Town niggaz tell u how real it is

and who killin' it

like 50 da realist niggz doin' da realist shit

aftha-shock bombz u can be dead and still feel da MID


boomin, bouncin, 40 oz.'s,

homiez bouncin, honey's surruondin us

showz springin, hoes bringin friendz 4 da "D" and "Em"

itz just me & him

we all up in da place

it dont matter da race battles & space

D12 Proof of dat exsistz

cuz no one can resist dis

8mile we shakedown & breakdown niggaz

& bullshittaz

bull drinkaz click-click sticky finghaz

porno graphic tactix rapshit

Eminem got my back on dis


(New York Favorate Rappa)

i a make u famous

a gun clap aroun of applause u rappaz

dissolvin' quicka den

Vanilla Ice's career in rappin

i can pop til im dead

bitch dont stop til there's no more head

sho more legz no, no fuck ya manz

u c i knew u fell in love

when u touched da benz

& clutch da dick wit yo handz

big favaz i like yo 20 diffrent flavaz

NYC u a 10 YC

*need to finish*

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