Cyssero - U In Da Way lyrics

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You ain’t tryin get this money u in da way

You wanna block bro u in da way

You hand cuffin hoes u in da way

You live in tempos u in da way

U in da way bro, u in da way

U in da way bro, get up da way

Get up da waym get up da way

You aint’ not ..what i’m talking about

..for the niggas i’m not .. i’m walking out ask me of that

Combo ..I’ll be bought my benjies my Jackson just the president they feel with

And I’m .. back in

you can see it in m action .. rejection

poppin on that clean will bless how she ..

shout out to my family .. to my home boys

you ain’t try to get paid f*ck you call my phone ..

we no chase them bitches we go chase them digis

got the .. stay bitch I’m bout my business

aint’ fucking with no lame dudes

no golds no go .. on that puff shit for no gold over here for no go

Big and f*cking no no bro we don’t do that

Always playin the two bro that your foe you choose that

We get that work and move that

Get that way to lose that

..i leave with that prada ..full back ha

[Hook:] higher than the price that my entire

..nobody b hatin because i’m flyer

I am gasoline in the light

Fire please don’t call em the king call me ..

I’m a hustler playin to eh buyers

Get that money dummy and money funny ..

..gorgeous pretty face like Maya

Booty like Beyonce city like Mariah’s

and i’m ridin dirty i got the chopper

and the chopper we poppin open ..homie

i get rude ..and that profit homie

i get it poppin but i’m rockin on ..

than i lock homie .. i get that dollar

and i .. in my pocket homie

you ain’t talking bout getting money than you ain’t talking bout ..

me tryin get paid and you’re asking for real


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