Cypher Clique

Cypher Clique - Wake Up Now Money lyrics

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Yada-ya, yada-ya, yada-ya, yada-ya

That's all they say when I come around

Yada-ya, yada-ya, yada-ya, yada-ya

Bladi-bla, bladi-bla, bladi-bla, bladi-bla


You got the game all in a new snarl

I leave town, all of a sudden you got the juice now

You got the game figured out tho

You're headin' to the hook and I'm headin' to the out turf

I doubt you can really feel my energy

I'm Mike J, you Billie Jean

I can feel you splittin' legs soon like centipede

I'm gettin' to the ass like it's _______(?)

Lovely life, from sittin' lovely, right?

All my bitches is shittin' like all my niggas is spittin'

I'm breakin' records, like Guiness, my beats surround 'em like Dennis

I fucked a couple best friendies, I just can't get too specific

The city hates me, my bitch the shit tho

One of 'em thick and my otha chick is mixed tho

My otha otha chick got caught up in some shit tho

Yada yada ya, yada ya, that's how the chick go

And it's really how this shit go

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