Cypher Clique

Cypher Clique - No Hook, No Bridge lyrics

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I think it's time to show and prove man

No hook, no bridge,

Yeah, flame boy, Louie belt with the tough Jaze

Mack groupies, bad women that love craze

stage record, show stop her I stop..

my mike knock so do away with that gun play,

young niggas with mad talent or great promise

are stay guide us, but now I see your behave problems,

fake boastin', none of you gets the pay robbin

but since you talking that money you better pay homage,

I'm on that clean mouth, never cut it seems child,

illegal hustle, you're on the way 'cause niggas in the street wow,

this suckers even hit it feels now

all you give your force ten like you're chillin' up and be in town,

imitators, now where's the innovators,

a dirty game I'm playin if you lane and ..

still I play safe like a clean..,

squeem wise every single day to my dreams love,


Call me summer time steaming or winner time wane

'cause I rule all of the season then I'm coming to say,

if you wizzle rockin' with us then I'll coming to shame,

you just sweat em at the name, would just call us sugar cane,

all up in my city I was trying to be your plug,

but I be and sip a help and they don't be showing me love,

so word to the Lord above, I ain't bluffin,

you think that you are that tougher, now handle me like is nothing,

gas up in my city, think that they'll be super nice,

really, I'm being nice by telling them that it's alright,

there is a lot of cash, shawty looking at the price,

'cause now there's a lot of lane jeans thinking they can write,

but you told em that is tight, but we know what the deal is

the click is making moves and the law is the realness,

this man I'm tripping out myself 'cause I think I'm the greatest,

but man I'm not the only one just check your girl play with,


yeah, deep, took the and that ..

It's gifted that's my..going in we're going hard,

grind until the checks of us, charging to no credit cards,

we knew this..especially when the cruise on that

you hap on tracks on doing it,

we're starting all this foolishness,

I make beats and we play that,

foes deals like DJ Max, thirsty, you're playing that

yeah you know we slayin tracks,

we here, back in the..recording to any weather putting it all together

y'all check out this little..on the pet and..

and set it off no..yeah you niggas magic,

dreams are looking miniture, things are looking sadly

we're coming through and killing you, body G in the back,

like hurt us you niggas you know I crush grooves,

make the tracks you can never make enough tunes,

always on the grind never made enough moves,

yeah we're going for the wind never gonna lose.

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